Listen to Me Neither (Made Famous by Brad Paisley) song with lyrics from The Country Heroes

Me Neither (Made Famous by Brad Paisley)

The Country Heroes1 Oct 2010

Me Neither (Made Famous by Brad Paisley) Lyrics

Me Neither (Made Famous by Brad Paisley) - The Country Heroes

Darlin' I've been standin' here

Just watchin' you all night

And I think I've even caught you

Watchin' me a couple times


If I don't ask I'll never know

This may sound dumb

But here we go

Do you believe in love at first sight

Me neither

I'm glad that we agree

Believe me


That's a big relief

Well this place is awful crowded

And this music is so loud

Would you like to go

And grab a bite to eat

Me neither


It's nice to finally meet a girl

Who doesn't move too fast

I was only checkin'

That's the reason that I asked

Relationships need time to grow

You and I should take this slow

And darlin' tell me

Would you like to dance

Me neither

I was just bein' polite

Thank goodness

My feet are much too tired

I'm sure you're tired too

I can see an empty booth

Would you like to

Maybe sit and talk a while

Me neither

We'd never get along

I'm thinkin' there's

No chemistry at all

This has been a waste of time

And I'm runnin' outta lines

Don't you think

It's time for me to end this song

Me neither


Oh here we go



Ah yeah