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The Last Unicorn (September Mix)

Various Artists18 Dec 2009

The Last Unicorn (September Mix) Lyrics

The Last Unicorn (最后的独角兽) - Various Artists

Written by:Geoffrey Richardson

When the last eagle flies

Over the last crumbling mountain

And the last lion roars

At the last dusty fountain


In the shadow of the forest


Though she may be old and worn

They will stare unbelieving


At the last unicorn


When the first breath of winter


Through the flowers is icing

And you look to the north

And a pale moon a rising

And it seems like all is dying

And a leave the world to mourn

In the distance hear the laughter ter

It's the last unicorn


When the last mood as cats


For the last spar morning

At the future fleast to the liven last

Days for morning


When looking to this guy we love you

But count of cleave the found


You can see you hase is workers


It's the last unicorn

I'm alive

I'm alive


It's the last unicorn


It's the last unicorn corn


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