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This Bitter Land

Erykah Badu28 Jul 2016

This Bitter Land Lyrics

This Bitter Land (《The Land》电影插曲) - Nas (奈斯)/Erykah Badu (埃里卡·巴杜)

Written by:Jongnic Bontemps/Nasir Jones/Erykah Badu/Steven Caple


This bitter land


Watered with my soul


The fruit it bears


Leaves me so cold


This bitter land


Does nothing for love


This bitter land


Brings pain from above oh


Running on the concrete across the train tracks

The devil is behind me

In the ghetto where's you'll find me

It's where I stays at


Cop shot us up he get a medal then retire


But it never will define me


Write a letter to the president

Whoever in control of the society

Tell 'em stop riding me

Stop driving us into a suicidal ideology

Tryna feed my seeds

Getting high on w**d study my degrees


Stay fly getting paper

With some dead white people faces

In the circle of spaces around the green


I'm lean taking percs as a bit of earth

Is a ni**a cursed am I blessed see what I mean


It's a test life is a test


Life is like a hood hard


Trying not to fall between the cracks


In the cracks it's so dark and the dark


Seems more appealing than the light in the land

Where you gotta fight

Catch a body in the night we need a plan


To survive to survive the land

Survive the storm when it comes through


Either you're busy living or busy dying

Look what it's come to


Look what it's come to so what you're gonna do


This bitter land is far too real


This bitter land it does not heal


Cause in the land skies are grey


But we fight the storms that come our way


A boy who strives to be a man


Must push to lead with all he can


Oh this bitter land


Oh bitter land


Oh oh oh oooh

This bitter land can't stop my fight


This bitter land


Look what it's come to


And I so what you gonna do


What you gonna do

My land


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