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Know It All

Cast - Sofia The First, Sofia, Hildegard1 Jan 2014

Know It All Lyrics

Know It All - Cast - Sofia The First/Sofia/Hildegard

First day of school out on the yard

Making new friends was kinda hard

Saw my big sister there in the sun

So I ran up to join the fun


They were all doing their princess twirl

Told me to try it to give it a whirl

But I didn't know it so I fell down

And everyone laughed


The entire playground


And that was the day I found

If I was gonna make new friends

I'd have to know it all

And learn all the latest trends

So that I'd never fall

But if I don't know what to say

I act like I know anyway

'Cause everybody loves somebody

Who always knows it all


I'm sorry you had a tough first day at school


So did I

But knowing a lot of things

Doesn't make people like you


I mean I like you more now

That you've told me all this

You do why


Because I'm finally getting to know

Who you really are


You're being honest and nicer

And that's a better way to make friends

Than pretending to know it all

Maybe you're right

This is one thing I definitely know


There isn't any need to be a know it all

Good friends are there when you succeed

Or even when you fall


Just be humble warm and kind

And I know you're sure to find

That no one ever really minds

If you don't know it all


No one ever really minds

If I don't know it all


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