Listen to Dance (2002 Digital Remaster) song with lyrics from A Taste Of Honey

Dance (2002 Digital Remaster)

A Taste Of Honey10 Jun 2008

Dance (2002 Digital Remaster) Lyrics




come on and dance dance eh eh

just take a chance chance out there

you wanna dance dance eh eh

i see you move on the floor

can you give give me some more

come on and dance

have you seen my baby

she got me going crazy

i don’t know where to look, no

i’m feeling kind of stuck oh

but she’s alright, yeah she’s alright

she wants a party all night, party all night

before she disappears

she whispers in my ear.

come one and dance

i’m feeling coming closer

it’s liek a rollercoaster

my head is spinnin round and round

no, i can seem to reach the ground

where you got to go

what you wanna do

girl i wanna know

do you wanna be with me

all i want is you