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Mo Bamba

Sheck Wes24 Aug 2018

Mo Bamba Lyrics

Mo Bamba (Explicit) - Sheck Wes

Produced by:Take A Daytrip/16yrold

16 year old


Day-day-daytrip took it to ten

I got hoes calling a young n***a phone

Where's Ali with the motherf**king d**e b***h b***h

I be ballin' like a mo'f***in' pro

Like a like a huh like a like a huh

I be ballin' like my n***a Mo Bamba Bamba Bamba b***h

Sheck Wes I ain't a mo'f***in' joke

Haha hahahahaha

Steph Wes stay with the f**kin' pole pa pa pa-pa

You f**k around and get poled you get poled b***h

'Cause I got hoes so many f**king hoes

Callin' a young n***a phone

Ring-ring ring ring-ring

Where's Ali with the mo'f***in' d**e huh

I be ballin' like a mo'f***in' pro like a mo'f***in' pro

I be ballin' like my n***a Mo Bamba Bamba Bamba Bamba

Sheck Wes got so many flows I do it all

Call me Drake how a n***a controlla

Oh f**k



Young Sheck Wes and I'm getting really rich ching-ching

See how I caught it 'cause I'm really with the s**ts bang-bang

See me in the streets

And I be really with a cling cling with a

Bad b***h b***h n***as straight rocking rock

N***as straight see me when they see me they be coppin' what

I'm the best drug dealer n***a come and cop it got it

Young Sheck Wes I'm like the f**kin' Green Goblin

I got hoes ho

Calling a young n***a phone phone b***h

Where's Ali with the motherf**king d**e

With the motherf**king d**e

D**e with the motherf**king d**e motherf**king d**e


With the d**e getting rich with my bros b***h s**t

I f**ked your ho s**t

And she ain't even let you know she f**ked up

D**n this n***a nice f**k is you talking about

'Cause I got b***h hoes

And my n***a one-six my n***a

Ali the daytrip n***a f**k is n***as talking about

I got hoes s**t

Young Sheck Wes I do it do it


On the go go go go go go go

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This is good


This song is great! Profanity excessive, yet great!

Cheryl Panaino
Cheryl Panaino