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I'll Be Back Again

D.R.A.M.23 Oct 2015

I'll Be Back Again Lyrics


I'll Be Back Again - DRAM

Ooooaaaoooh yeah


Always always always


It takes patience if you really really wanna see me baby girl


And while you're waiting won't you play track 6 from my EP baby girl


'Cause I just need one night to show you how

I really feel about you and how much I care eh


What turned into a simple night ended with you looking for your underwear


And I'll be back again


Yes girl yes girl

Said I'll be back again yeah yeah


Wait girl yes girl Hmm


Said I'll be back again darling


Once I meet you I'm gone greet you

Then I'll treat you like good people-you good people

Dammit girl You're too damn hot

I don't got a lot of time with you but I'mma make it worth it

Girl you know what I'm trying do the setting is perfect

'Xcept I'm kinda shocked that your approach was kinda thirsty

'Cause you look so goddamn good like you's a stripper Is you working

You've been blowing up my phone like it's something really urgent

But I'm 3 days away in LA girl why you nervous


'Cause I really be contemplating on making new life with you


I really be contemplating on cumming inside of you


And I love the way my love be exciting you


But you're too far way

So what am I to do Listen just know that

I'll be back again darling yeah


Gonna be better the next time oh yes no lie

Girl I'll be back again darling



For real