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Let It Off

Czarface19 Feb 2013

Let It Off Lyrics

Let It Off - Czarface

Premo Premo


What's good I got you big homie

INS ya highness

"Now it's time to introduce "

East side to west side everybody set ride

Beantown to S I they fiend for the next high

Lean with the red eye mean with the MI

Rhyme sharper than the lightbeam on a jedi

Supreme why test I

Indeed I rep mine

Agreed minor leaguers fatigue try next time

World War 4 whenever Deck rhyme

Physical grind no subliminal call me on direct line

Hens fly after next guy

I at best buy shorty like "Let's ride"

Took me on a sex drive


NY creep like Boz Chilli and Left Eye

Don't sweat mine move from the gate

Brothers respect mine

Cool with the broads (yes I'm)

Movin it hard (yes I'm)

Truest to do it whoever dispute it you wreck time

Yes I leave your head twisted like a red tie

Deck amphetamines they fiendin for the next line

I let it off I let it off I let it off

Set it off

I let it off I let it off

Recognize the king the livest thing

North side to south side I'mma stay about my biz

F**king outcry in while you outside

Vader make your brain fry

Greater than a Dane I

Take over your lane I'm Dock Ellis when I aim high

Shame how ya abandoned a band and a witness stand and

Then randomly reprimand him Esoteric is insane


I stay rope chain fly pterodactyl hang glide

Bill O'Reilly kill a grave feel like you're the same guy

You like watching paint dry

Switch it up on dumb joints

I run point I find I motivate and let my sons voice


Are you the youngest on the track of Preme

Tractor beam rap regime AOTP that's the team

I Reggie Lewis from the key solidify the sucker free

Critics pretty much agree this sh*t is gutter luxury


This is Skywalker fam Jack Kirby free hand

Run make cut side

7 let them cuts ride

I let it off I let it off I let it off

Set it off


Recognize the king the livest thing

I let it off side it rose

Kee golf like a days 6 days

You want to role it's jo reno cuts

Kee golf like like a days 6 days

It's jo reno for reno kase

Come here spin it back

I'm in it in a minute flat

Dissed cats love it and they ain't even into rap

Rhymes on ya mind like a fitted cap

What I spit is crack

Salutations see him tip your hat

Man he been a mac he ain't gotta ask where the b**ches at

Picture that: thick chicks sittin in his lap

He a diplomat VIP status and he strip em at

Alien flow gettin visits from the men in black

Anybody want it they can get it

Call the medevac transporter manslaughter


You don't want to set it Jack

Vet'll clack you won't even leave with your head attached

Back pedal and pedal back these rap rebels will turn you to scrap

Metal and burn up your back

When moring attack

Revel in the fact when devils attack

We live with the flack with the powerful lines

Sh*t on your hood like a feral cat

I'm out of my mind

I let it off I let it off I let it off

Set it off

Recognize the king the livest thing


I let it off set it of set it of