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Do Right

Debra Killings22 Jul 2003

Do Right Lyrics

Do Right - Debra Killings


Something inside of me is telling

Me to fight for what's right

I didn't know the difference

Back then But all of a sudden I

Was caught up and praying one night

I felt I was changing from within


No it wasn't me but the promise of

Faith So I



Made a promise I was

Gonna do right gonna do right

That's why I'm bringing it all

Like this cause I know who was there for

Now every since he's been in my life been

In my life I get down on my knees each day

And I thank him there for Thank you lord


Life is so full of promises

I get so mixed up

I really hate to think about

It all Since I put my faith

In you I have somewhere to turn

If it weren't for you who could

I call Instead of being me but

It's a promise of faith So I


(Chorus Repeat 5x/The end)