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Talkin' Casey

Mississippi John Hurt29 Jan 2010

Talkin' Casey Lyrics

Talkin' Casey - Mississippi John Hurt

Casey, Casey Don't leave me here


Casey Jones Please don't leave me here


Little chidren commenced callin' cryin', Daddy, don't leave me here.


Daddy, Daddy, don't leave me here


He couldn't stand that. he told the fireman, said

Get the bell, let's go.


I heard the bell, somethin' like this...


Shortly after that, he's gone.


I heard the drive wheel jump the joints.


'Bout time he got switched 'n' runnin' he run up on some sheep.


Blowed for 'em to get off the tracks but they wouldn't get off.


He had to stop his train.


Blowin' somethin' like this...

I heard him when he's cuttin' down 'fore he stopped.


Made him sort of mad when he had to stop his train,


Then he got behind time a little bit. Commenced cussin', here's what he said.


After that I heard him. he was runnin' so fast looked like them drive wheels 'bout to catch up with them litte truck wheels.


One lady commenced singin' Lord have mercy, save me Lord.




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