Brockhampton23 Agt 2019

Jabari, me paddy

Everybody  ask me how I deal with my depression

Man  look (Man look), I don't got the answer to your question

If I did, you would probably never hear from me again

That's a promise, not a threat and it ain't no half stepping (Hey) Can't

let it compromise the pace I'm setting (Hey)

Grandma  told me don't forget to count my blessings (Woo)

Breaking up botanicals to ease my stressing

Was  the one that you needed but you weren't expecting

Game need refreshing (Hey), what you been suggesting? (Hey)

Wrote a new constitution, we don't need amending (Hey)

I go Johnnie Cochran when I'm raising my defenses (Yeah)

Man,  I feel like Michael Keaton when a nigga start ascending (Hey)

Never second guessing (Hey), had to do a lot of resting (Hey)

Like I played for Popovich, tried to fine our new direction (Woo)

Listen, I ain't for the shelving, what you niggas telling?

My team be rebelling from wherever you were heading, goddamn

Man, this shit bump like a belly when it's pregnant (Mhm)

Bonafide big bird lookin' like a Yeti (Mhm)

Swift feet cheetah, that's a real big kitty

Made y'all judges, that's a real ass feeling

I won't let you down, won't forget it, man, I did it (Yeah)

Always got the shit like a constipated reverend (Alright)

Y'all don't like to shit talk, dumb pun, all fun

But I make your bitch crack a giggle with the next one (Oh)

Goofy ass boy, look like Elmer Fudd cousin (Sheesh)

Heavy ass feet, man, people done heard you comin' (Shit)

Actin' like Regina, you a lil' bit dramatic (George)

I been in the cockpit, I been in the cabin (Right)

Take the eagle out just to ride around the planet (Right)

If my line curve, man, I don't take damage

Oh, so hot, so, sst, get branded

I'm just havin' fun, cops hit me, goddamn it

Trauma got me fucked up, my mama got me fucked up

My lil' nigga locked up, it's like Hakuna Matata

Never liked sci-fi, empathetic wifi

Keep it in the back room, hide it with my dry eye

Put it in the vacuum, I got love for my label

Fifteen million on the table, none of my niggas are stable

Need a personal connection, I just wanna feel you, baby

Bein' sober made me realize how poorly I been behavin', uh

My bitch, she so pretty, pretty (Mmh)

I get cash like really, really

Tell the DJ, man, he ain't slick

'Cause he ain't playin' hits, he silly, silly (Mmh)

My bitch is so pretty, pretty (Mmh)

I get cash like really, really (Get it)

Tell the DJ, man, he ain't slick

'Cause he ain't playin' hits, he silly, silly (Boy, bye)

Ring in their ears like a bark

Always feel left in the dark

Trauma the price for the patience

Character shaped like an arc

Move like my shit stay in park

Don't feel the love or respect

Grip like a hand on my neck

This is the year, place your bets

Boy, bye

Ooh, ooh, beautiful and bashful

Ooh (Mmm), ooh, ooh (Mmm)

I'm beautiful and bashful

Boy, bye

Goddamn (Sheesh)

Boy, bye

Boy, bye


I'm beautiful and bashful


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