Legacy (Explicit) - Logic

Lyrics by:Logic/Joshua Portillo/Jamahal Osley

Composed by:Logic/Joshua Portillo/Jamahal Osley

Produced by:Naz/Sunny Norway


You you you you you

You you you

How do you want to be remembered

Just being rich

Yeah yeah


Visions of seeing myself as someone different

Reality got me feeling indifferent

I'm lifting this weight off my shoulder

But hold up older I get

I reload the clip and sip on something

I feel good for nothing

All my glory days behind me or beyond me

Im folding like origami

My tables turning like interior decorators

Levels like elevators

These haters got me questioning my judgement

Tried by a jury of my peers but where the judge went

What will my legacy be

Who will my enemy be

In due time as I write this rhyme

I don't know

Flash before my eyes

Yeah uh

And on my deathbed what will I say as I pray

And reminisce of another day uh

I came from nothing a child born in poverty

Went to college to gain knowledge

So they would acknowledge me

Honestly I got a good job

I found a woman made her my wife

But spent more time at work

So we could have a stable life

And when my son was born

I had to work even harder

Before I knew it now my wife was giving birth to my daughter

Went from 40 hours a week to 80

Ain't nobody gon pay me but myself

Sacrifice my time and my health for wealth

I missed a birthday miss an anniversary

There's lots of people in this world that's worse than me

I wasn't there for my son's first words

But he ain't grow up in the hood like me we in the burbs

Sacrifice a couple years he could have all the money when I'm gone

What a fool I was

I missed his graduation I missed her wedding day

I didn't even get to give my little girl away

But I paid for the honeymoon yeah I paid for the honeymoon

Im not there right now but I will be later

Im working on something that's greater

Thats my legacy

Uh I'm gon' be remembered by generations to come

D**n you dumb

You won't be remembered by your son

Uh yeah

To be remembered by generations to come

You a fool

You wont be remembered by your son

Nonsense nonsense

I said to the man with no money nonsense uh uh

Step back who running from me I don't know my own identity

I look in the mi-look in the mi-the mirror I ain't clearer

I'm just trying to be free who is that It surely ain't me

As I lay on my deathbed I realized I was wrong

I have been the richest man in the world all along

A beautiful family that all I did was ignore

For financial stability and fear of being poor

'Cause when I was a child knew I always wanted more

When I was a child knew I always wanted more more more

And now I got it uh

And now I'm laying in this bed cancer spreading through my lungs

Looking at my family like D**n y'all were the ones

I sacrificed my life for 100's 50's 20's 10's 5's and 1's

So dumb I'd give it all if I could

Do it for my heart again not my wallet

I hate to recall it but it's gone now legacy is gone now

Sacrifice my health for wealth no it wasn't worth it

But as I take my last breath I know that I deserved it

Daddy Daddy Daddy Daddy

The legacy you gon' leave behind you forever is the blood in your veins

Wake up Daddy now is the time for change

And as your child I'm telling you

I don't give a d**n if we living on change Daddy

Just as long as we livin'

Just as long as we livin' Daddy

I just want to be happy I don't give a d**n if we live in a shoebox

Now my mama gon' tell you what you got

I love you I love you I love you I want you I need you I crave you

Why you throw away this p***y that I gave you

Why you f**king 'round behind my back

While I'm home raising my children

Feel like a single mother even though a ring up on it

Supposed to be husband and wife you more like my opponent

Finger f**king myself 'cause f**k infidelity

I'd rather look in the mirror be happy who I see

Sometimes I want to take my babies and go to my mama crib

Can I live

Can I have a life away from my life

Be the woman that I would have been if I wasn't your wife

You know I love 'em but if that test wasn't positive

I woulda had a lot to give

Sometimes I want to divorce your a*s and take half


But I stay 'cause I love these children

And I love you deep down that's why I stick around but

You never there

'Cause you just want to be the best

You just want to make this money uh

Come get this p***y motherf**ker

Come get this p***y and love your children

F**k your legacy

F**k it

Float in the abyss of nothingness

My consciousness remembers a life before it hits black

I wish that I could get back and then

I realize that all this s**t is just a daydream

And there's only like four of us on the tour bus

And I'm in the back how 'bout that

Thinkin' 'bout my legacy

And how we as human beings sacrifice health for money

Ain't it funny

'Cause in the end we spend all our money on repairing our body and mind

When we really should have just spent time

F**k a legacy

I'ma go live my life



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