Speakers Blown

Sid Diamond30 Okt 2015

Speakers Blown - Sid Diamond

Written by:Sid Diamond/I. Libeau


Sidney diamond fresh off confinement ready for assignment

Kill my rivals no gang beside him I solo ride in

Any province I'm king north and south island

Put your hands up I'm back to change the climate

Chasing climates choking on a cohiba skullin back cubalibres


Eating lots of ceviche in another time zone where its no abla englis

Bonita seniorita won't believe it till you see it whose the freaking man now


Hoe recognize I ain't need no artist and ré pé titeur

To tell me sh*t I already know I exect my own records boy


Boss sh*t palaya del Carmen racking the broads in arrgh sh*t

Sun shine skin tan now that's karma for my loses

You see that its your dreams you can never hold on to my seams

Ain't no other rap cat in nz besides 1 f**king wit me

For get your instagram and your tweets I'm out here getting horsed on a beach

Co mo es ta ma f**k a right now

I bet you wish you were me


Middl my city

Middl my city


Middl my city


Middl my city

Shout out my city south Auckland wit me

Until the magets be up in me or I'm up the chimney

It doesn't matter either way illd still represent ya

I got that middle 1 waving at those who resent me like heya hater

A player ain't concerned with the drama

I'm fit and lean and I got a team so its nada

And we train like we play rugby league plus otara's

Where I'm from and around there I'm royalty ma f**k a

Who you think was coming net hoe hula


Scared now you all are I can feel your Ora


And yeah homes its over the streets bout to pour up

Move the crowd we on it we got

This sh*t on lock just like teina pora


Killing lame its ethical this year its gong be a bloody massacre


Get out my or ima Russell packer ya


And if you owe me than you know we gong be catching up 1


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