Pretty Baby

Vanessa Carlton5 Jul 2012

You light me up and then I fall for you

You lay me down and then I call for you

Stumbling on reasons that are far and few

I'd let it all come down and then some for you

Pretty baby don't you leave me

I have been saving smiles for you

Pretty baby why can't you see

You're the one that I belong to

I'll be the embrace that keeps you warm

For you're the sun that breaks the storm

I'll be alright and I'll sleep sound

As long as you keep comin' around, oh pretty baby

And I know things can't last forever

But there are lessons that you'll never learn

Oh just the scent of you it makes me hurt

So how's it you that makes me better

Why can't you hold me and never let go

When you touch me it is me that you own

Pretty baby oh the place that you hold in my heart

Would you break it apart again... oh pretty baby

Pretty baby, why can't you see

Pretty baby, don't you leave me

Pretty baby, why can't you see

Pretty baby, why can't you see


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