Last Call


Last Call (Explicit) - Logic

Lyrics by:IZAÏAH/Logic/6ix

Composed by:IZAÏAH/Logic/6ix

Produced by:IZAÏAH/6ix

Ayo real talk 6ix

As soon as you played me this joint I already knew

I was like Yo this some f**king Last Call s**t

And it got me hella excited 'cause I always wanted to do like

A Last Call I remember the first time I heard Kanye's

I thought that s**t was so tight dawg

And I was like man I'm tryna tell my story you know what I'm sayin'

And then uh I remember Cole did it when did he do it

He was on Friday Night

Nah nah he did it on The Warm Up yo

And when he did the Last Call on The Warm Up

I was like D**n I'm tryna do mine

So since since this joint got that vibe

I'ma do my own Last Call right now for y'all

And my voice is messed up too this is the last track of Young Sinatra

Yeah yeah

Back in the day I wasn't s**t homie

Penny pinchin' I couldn't even pay the rent homie

Thinkin' 'bout it I wonder where them years went homie

Just a youngin' tryna survive they was hatin' on me

I was working that nine-to-five I was waitin' homie

I was bussin' tables fantasizin' 'bout cakin' homie

Letting 'em slip away my dreams wasn't waitin' on me

This for anyone with ambition calling anybody that'll listen

I'm wishing all your dreams come true 'cause mine did

And yeah you know I had to put that in the rhyme kit

But that s**t came from sacrifice

Not on the corner selling d**gs and smackin' dice


Someway somehow I understood finally

If you want to come and get it you know where to find me

'Cause I ain't got no time for anybody that be tryin' me

Know if they don't understand I'ma leave 'em behind me


I ain't got no time no no

I said obviously

I said I don't got no time no no no no no

Yeah yeah

I treat the beat like it's my only son my DNA

And this that Southernplayalistic s**t like we was in the A

Back in the day I was Young Broke & Infamous

A Young Sinatra that was Undeniable

Who Welcomed you To Forever while Under Pressure

And told you The Incredible True Story of Bobby Tarantino

And Everybody in the Ultra 85

Godd**n it feel good to be alive

And all these b***hes that I passed up

Couldn't f**k witcha 'cause your hair was too gassed up

'Member creeping with the gat masked up

God d**n it's kinda crazy to reminisce on all this s**t man

What it was like growing up

D**n man just motherf**kers running in and out of the crib

Doing d**gs selling d**gs all types of stuff

Meanwhile I was just tryna keep it together

I was tryna make sense sense of all this s**t around me

I didn't know how to take it how to perceive it you know what I mean

And then meanwhile

I'm supposed to be going to school and getting good grades and s**t

But I'm seeing like domestic violence in my house

And just so much going on

And I'm sure everybody was probably like Man yo

Why little Bobby didn't come to school today

On the real I was doin' anything to run away

And that's the same reason kids join gangs every day

'Cause they wanna be accepted but at home they too neglected

Meanwhile white America quick to call him a thug

But all he ever wanted was a father to give him some love

Tell him that he love him that he need him

Promise he won't ever leave him

Never smoke crack never lie and won't never beat him

It feel like for my life I been needed a break

Looking at my family I ain't wanna make the same mistake

And I know that s**t sound f**ked up but they not all doin' great

Oh God please

Can I have a conversation with a member of my family

Without it ending asking me for five G's

To pay they bills or they lawyer fees

I learned something I ain't giving y'all a dime

I'll give you something worth more that's my time

I ain't dropping stacks I'm dropping knowledge

Unless it's for my nieces and nephews to go to college

And hit me on the phone hit me up

Like Uncle Bob where you at

Yeah I know your pockets fat but I don't give a f**k 'bout that

I'm glad we family

We a half-breed family yeah yeah uh

Man see I remember when I was like fifteen years old

And my dad took me to the studio

I know this is random I'm tryna take you guys through it right

And I'll never forget it I had like eight rhyme books

He'll tell you he'll tell you man

I just I went through them motherf**kers

I was rapping for like fifteen minutes straight

And that was my first time yo

I was like tenth grade in the studio

And I knew that this was what I wanted to do

I knew it

I knew it ever since I first saw Kill Bill

I been flowin' like that blood Uma Thurman spilled

None other than the RZA yeah he did the soundtrack

And then I discovered Wu-Tang soon as I found that

And then Big L Mos Def and Nas it wouldn't no turning back

I couldn't change it if I tried homie how 'bout that

See I'm a student of the game so simple and plain

But I'ma to take it back to before

I ever sat first class on a plane

I was in College Park right

Well I guess technically if you wanna go before that

I was uh I was living in Germantown

Uh nah actually it was Montgomery Village

Back in Maryland I was living in my sister's basement

And then some s**t happened you know she kicked me out

It was Christmas whatever I love you Genie

Anyway so s**t happened and then I just kept it pushing

You know I was homeless for a little while whatever you know

I went uh I stayed at my my mentor's house Solomon

Uh and then I stayed back at my my godparents' house

Mary Jo and Bernie I love y'all

Uh Mary Jo I'm sorry back when I used to smoke

I would steal the s**t out of your cigarettes

I love you I'm sorry about that but

You remember always she would let me record

I'd always be recording in the attic or wherever I could so

I love you thank you for supporting me there

But then she was like You gotta get the f**k outta here too

After a while she gave me some time

But like I was twenty years old at this point

She was like Nah you gotta get the f**k outta here

And do something with your life

And this was right around the time that

I opened up my first show ever for Ghostface Killah man

In Gaithersburg right in Old Town

The s**t was insane I'll never forget it

And that's where I met my boy Lenny Big Lenbo wassup

That's right man we just started kicking it and hanging

He lived in College Park and before I knew it

I was living I was living with him in his basement

And this was right around the time I met 6ix

And 6ix was going to the University of Maryland at the time

Which was right down the street

So I'd always go to their dorm room

I remember there was nights

I would just crash in the dorm when we was making beats

We was doing all types of s**t man

When we first got out we did the first Young Sinatra

And now we on the fourth Young Sinatra motherf**ker That s**t is crazy man

And I remember like I used to steal quarters from Lenny

Just so I could go to the 7-11 to eat

And he was like You idiot why are you stealing

Just ask me bro

And I was supposed to get a job

I was see I was sleeping in uh his basement on the couch

Which is the the the cover to my first album Under Pressure

Shout out Cathy shout out the Rosado family all my beautiful brown people

We made it it's crazy

But nah nah listen I'm getting ahead of myself I'm getting ahead of myself

So like I was staying with him and I was supposed to get a job right

And he was like Yo you gotta get a f**king job bro

Things were going so good with the music that we kinda stopped talking about it

It seemed like every week something new was happening

And I just sat him down one day and I was like

Look bro I please like can you just give me one year like

Just give me one year man let me put everything into this

And if I don't get it f**k it

I'll just submit and I'll just I'll just blend into society

And he was like Bro I'ma give you one year

And for one year him his family all the homies Benny everybody man

They took care of me they put he put clothes on my back

He put food in my stomach

You know he helped me with microphones and recording

And yo almost a year to the f**king day bro I signed to Def Jam

And my man he was a land surveyor out there

Like making sure all the buildings get built

Rain snow sleet all that s**t for twelve years dawg

And when I signed my deal I said

F**k that Quit your job we're moving to LA

This s**t was crazy so we get to LA

We're staying off Coldwater Canyon

Alta Mesa in Studio City man

And I'm going to the studio with No I.D. every day

And uhh like s**t is crazy

That's the first time I met Cole yo shout out Cole that's my f**king boy

Big Sean all these homies man that I met it was crazy

Don Cannon everybody

That's when I first met Kev

Bobby my engineer what up Bobby

It was just like life was insane

I dropped uh Young Sinatra Undeniable and that was crazy

That was insane 'cause that was the first time

Me and my boys ever hit the road

On the real you know we went from zero to overload

Performing in front of the fans had they hands waving

This is all I ever wanted this is all I'm craving

Me and my boy Chris shocked the game

Two visionaries on a mission s**t ain't been the same

Some ups and downs came around had a lot of problems

But no matter what happen you know we'd always solve 'em

Yeah we'd always solve 'em like

Man it's kinda crazy thinking about it though

Like so much has happened yo

And I mean s**t by the time y'all are hearing this I'm 28

I'm 27 while I'm recording it

I mean right now literally I'm working on Bobby Tarantino Ultra 85 Young Sinatra IV

And a whole bunch of other s**t man this is crazy

Acting writing like

I'm just I'm just so I can't believe I'm here man

We grinded for so long we worked for so long yo

And motherf**kers they hate you man

They try to make me feel bad about how I look how I speak

How I rap how I act my race my everything

They just they they f**king hate you man

They'll hate you when you're in this position

But you can't let 'em you can't let 'em you can't let that s**t get to you man

Continue to persevere continue to be the best you you can be

'Cause I'm here right now man best friends

I got everything I could ever want man

Even though you always want more deep down

And you got goals deep down that's great man but f**k that s**t

I'm so happy I'm so blessed man

So if you're listening to this right now

No matter how old you are how young you are

Whether you on the school bus headed to get your education

Or you driving home from work pissed off at your boss

Just man just please do what you love in life

So many people they always say how

Oh you know I would do this but or I can't because

And you already f**king lost they lost

And I feel bad for that person 'cause that person will never make it

I would but I don't have the money I would but I don't have the time

Fuck that you gotta do it man

You gotta do what makes you happy

You have to live selfishly in that aspect

Stop worrying about others stop freaking out

Just focus on yourself man and your own happiness

That's the realest thing

And that's all I can tell you because

You can't help anybody else until

You can help yourself you know what I'm saying

So please put the put the mask on first like they say on the airplane cuz

Put your put your own motherf**king mask on

And go do it man

Go do it just live your life

I love y'all thank you so much for tuning in

Uh I hope you've enjoyed this Young Sinatra experience I know I have

Uh this is prolly gon' be the last one though

Uh this gon' be the last one for sure

I'm coming back with some fun but I don't know

I love you guys Ultra 85's gonna be crazy

I mean crazy Bobby Tarantino's that trap s**t woo

We took 'em back with this boom bap

Now we we finna head to the future

We ain't scared we makin' music for everybody you know what I mean

I love y'all look at that Murrland accent coming out

I don't know why every time I get on the mic that Murrland accent

Go ahead 'cuh jah like all day

Boy you sound like Wale back of your neck haha

I love y'all so much


Yeah yeah



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