Brockhampton23 Agt 2019

I pray I find you at the bottom of the hill

I  pray I make it outta Texas

I  pray my A/C come back on

My momma stuck outside her job

My sister just asked for a Lexus

Can  Jesus send me a message?

What's  the point of havin' a best friend if you end up losin' him?

Woah, don't view my text messages

Woah‚  don't view my text messages

Don't view my bad side

Only go on the 'Gram to show you motherfuckers the best side

Who am I?

Who  am I? Who am I?

Why I hide? Huh

Fourth-grade‚ Mary J. Blige

All alike‚ I made a mill' off a lie

And I lie so I write another lie

RCA don't know, it wasn't 'bout y'all

No lies, 'bout how me and my brothers been traumatized

And I must keep creating truths and hooks to get up outta this hell for myself


Dearly departed

Look what you've started

I've been so heartless

I try‚ I try, I try





Big dog, I feel like I don't got anybody on my side no more

High is the low‚ truth be told

It's hard to ignore, hard to endure

Where's my stamina in this life?

Make sure my family tight

More rubies on my neck, and to catch me at night

Lookin' immaculate, no one in sight

Standards are high, expectation is low

Wake up sweatin' at night, mind in the flight

I don't get scared no more when I'm standin' on the mountaintop

I'm afraid of people dyin'

Rest in peace Rocko Ray Reeder

Wish you could've took me to Japan

Back ten years, holdin' my hand, felt like a hundred grand

Wish some letters didn't fade, love will never do the same

Out the window screamin' your name, blessings

Mama on track, my dad got my back

My sister graduated, now she racin'

Love her through the days and whiskey in my hand

Bloody colored triggers wrapped around my wrist

Lookin' magnificent, man

No stoppin' me, no boggin' me down

I know myself, me and the obstacles now

I done shit on myself too much to not know how to move properly now

On the property now, money gets foul

Keep your wits about you

They stretch the truth longer than the Nile

Eyes full of evil, mouth full of vile

They tracin' your smile

Stay alert, big dog

Only one life is offered to you

(Only one life is offered to you)

How many sides to a story can there be when you saw it with your own eyes?

I got all my thoughts out on records y'all won't ever hear

Try to give it time

Find that truth trickles down, hits the fear

And freezes over like a dagger to the spine

When somebody that you know throws you in the fire

How do you survive?

I kicked down the door inside a home

I did it all just to save a friend's life

Little did I know, the one who pulled the strings was once on my side

I had just moved to Texas, tried to make it right

I do not feel obliged to dismiss the truth because of how I feel about our time

If I knew what you would do to someone you owe money to, you wouldn't get a dime

Watchful when you win, sorry 'bout your plans

That was all a scam, you won't understand

Pass the weight off to your friends and never face the truth

Because you never learned how to be a man

And it's not my fault, and it's not my problem anymore

That's just where you stand

That's just who you are

That's your cross to bear

You could talk to God

I don't wanna hear, motherfucker


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