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E-40, Red Cafe, Problem, French Montana6 Jul 2012

Lirik Function



Function (Remix) - E-40

(Hook: AnnotateProblem)

Hey hey b**ch try this

Guarantee turn a square to a bi b**ch

You ain't down bye b**ch

I ain't got time for playin I'm just saying man

We out here tryna function we out here tryna function

We out here tryna function we out here tryna function

We out here tryna function we out here tryna function

I ain't got time for playin I'm just saying man

We out here tryna function x 6


I slid into the function,(the throw)

Looking hella dipped saucy

Lit like a strobe light (like a strobe light )

Hella diamonds on my wrist bling

You can call me your highness

Cause I’m hella high in this

Play with their mind like a shrink

Like I’m a psychiatrist

No dryness I make your chick hella climax scream

Even nicer west she telling me that I’m the best

You don’t want her I’ll take her off your hands

And do you a favor

You might not regret it now

But you gonna regret it later

I’m about my paper stapler right on the side on my head

Instead a hater wanting in case he decide to creep

Platinum planning shipping the Hennesy these are digital sales

Used to push here from the scale but now it’s legitimate script

You ain’t understand it that this game evolved from the heat

Full of Kalahari the h I double m



Don’t compare me to *s I’m the last of my kind

Get forever through these bars ever lasting my grind

If it ain’t about money then you wasting my time

It’s the molly with the liquor now get out of your mind

Gotta do is one for the town it’s town bizness

I don’t even f**k with these clowns the clown *s

In the city where the dealers go broke they turn killers

And all the bad b**ches got all the hoes they like *s

In the city where we gonna do broke we like figures

Get that bag then we going to work like Jay Bilas

We out here tryina function tryina maintain

Soon as they go to meet all the the same day

So guess who is up in the club with the 4 ni**a

Man I stay in the point like I sickle

If I die tonight bring me back at the Coachella

Sick and tired of killing these hoes I’m that ni**a


(Chris Brown)

Look got bad b**ches they ratchet

Bet the ding make them sing like an adlib

And all this money watch me flip it like a back flip

I’ma go to work on a p**sy no practice

Hah I’m a real *s in the photo

Bottles in the air we don’t care about no ho no ho

Yeah shout out my ni**a dilo

Girl I know you want 2 but I need to borrow 3-4

Yeah pretty girls in the crib

I know they all models that’s just how a ni**a live

I’m like whoa when she do the splits

And when she throw it back ni**a don’t act like a b**ch

My *s in the club with the 40

We just showed up with E-40

We like what’s happening brother

In the function ain’t a competition killing opponents

And I be killing the p**sy but this is just for the moment




Rocking the roller till 5 in the morning

She popping the pill then she busting it open

Like b**ch try this I’m a high risk

A bank roll 4 5 6

She chasing the act with a clip in the mac

For my Auckland *s that be pimping the rap

I’m a New York ni**a with a bailey

Kept it in the hood f**k the main street

Wrist rocky I’m talking Adrian

Me and 40 run opponent like the A train

Man we out here tryina function

F**k all the f**k sh*t

Rip it off the rap f**k with the caution Montana



Real ni**a from born day

42 10 hoes to your sware

Whole team in this hole looking saucy

B**ches off the molly my *s on the Marley

Hold up we out here tryina function b**ch

All this jury a ni**a got from hustling b**ch

Got them thank pass coming through custom b**ch

See the money on the table no touching it what else

Cafe I’m the pimp of the decade yeah

Young g’s right about me in they essay

Kill death jams in my cool jays

Have my paper or they mopping up your cule

I like yokos them live hoes

Beat it up beat it up make em my hoes

It’s bossed up on the east side

Dubs up G’s rock shake down