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When He Sees Me (当他看到我) - Waitress Original Broadway Cast Ensemble/Kimiko Glenn/Jessie Mueller/Keala Settle (基拉·塞特尔)

I stick with real things

Usually facts and figures

When information's in its place

I minimize the guessing game

Guess what


I don't like guessing games

Or when I feel things

Before I know the feelings

How am I supposed to operate

If I'm just tossed around by fate


Like on an unexpected date

With a stranger who might talk too fast

Or ask me questions about myself

Before I've decided that

He can ask me questions about myself

He might sit too close

Or call the waiter by his first name

Or eat Oreos

But eat the cookie before the cream

But what scares me the most

What scares me the most


Is what if when he sees me what if he doesn't like it

What if he runs the other way and I can't hide from it


What happens then

If when he knows me he's only disappointed

What if I give myself away to only get it given back


I couldn't live with that I couldn't live with that

So I'm just fine inside my shell-shaped mind

This way I get the best view


So that when he sees me I want him to

Dawn don't you think you're being a little I mean maybe just a tad

I'm not defensive

I'm simply being cautious

I can't risk reckless dating

Due to my miscalculating

While a certain suitor stands in line

I've seen in movies

Most made for television

You cannot be too careful

When it comes to sharing your life

I could end up a miserable wife


Sorry girls

But he could be criminal some sort of psychopath

Who escaped from an institution

Somewhere where they don't have girls

He could have masterminded some way to find me

He could be colorblind

How untrustworthy is that

He could be less than kind

Or even worse he could be very nice have lovely eyes

And make me laugh come out of hiding


What do I do with that

Oh god

What if when he sees me

I like him and he knows it

What if he opens up a door

And I can't close it

What happens then

If when he holds me

My heart is set in motion

I'm not prepared for that

I'm scared of breaking open


But still I can't help from hoping

To find someone to talk to


Who likes the way I am


Someone who when he sees me



Wants to again

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