Machine Gun Kelly16 Okt 2015

Therapy (治疗) (Explicit) - Machine Gun Kelly (机关枪凯利)


I've known kells since I was like eleven

Since like sixth grade you know what I mean

Kells held me down a lot my cousin held me

Down a lot and that's really it people fall off real quick when

You're in here


Ay tell'em imma need a minute damn

My heads f**ked up I be thinkin' jail whenever hear'em

Say they need a sentence I be in the booth zoned out

They say they just need a couple lines and

The years on the road got me thinkin' blow

Even though they just wanted some bars like jail time

See there I go somebody this drink from me I love my b**ches oh

Please god don't let them take none of the paint from me


And since you need a filler for the dead space


Sorry I had to get my head straight one of the homies back

Home caught a fed case

And how I'm suppose to feel when I'm in hollywood trynna get

A couple mil and I just got a call that my dawg got killed

And maybe it wouldn't have happened if I wouldn't have been

Out here but and still even back when dub had a job cuttin'

Steel even back when we was on the block up the hill up

Hundred thirty first there was blood gettin' spilled

I ain't re-invent the wheel mothaf**ka

This is how it is where I live mothaf**ka

Semis and blue nose pit mothaf**ka

Just in case they run up in the crib mothaf**ka

Got kids mothaf**ka

F**k you think you knew about me


Got a question I don't even want to talk to you ask them

They the ones that grew up around me

Kept it 100 percent same crew till the end kells


It's deeper than that you know what I mean

In so many years and all the sh*t we been through

That's definitely my brother


I do for him he do for me

And it was always like that ay sh*t changes


Same mothaf**ka we grew up with we're still boys

He never really been for the bullshit he's one hunned


Imma need about an hour


And a first class ticket wait

Make that a jet and a champagne shower


Oh I ain't rich yet

F**k it I can make a dollar inna dream work


I was on the cover of double XL I ain't talkin' 'bout the big T-shirt


Lace up I'm finna run circles 'round squares in these nike airs

Finna go hard with my dawgs that were right there

Finna treat songs like a mothaf**kin' pal

And flip an empty house to a mothaf**kin' crowd

Know what I'm talkin' 'bout yes sir

Errbody better pay respect yes sir

I be in the land with a steel tecsture

I object and a ways that they test first

B**ch I'm from the east side east side


Watch first 48 I owe nobody just know I rep rep OH get it

F**k it if you don't I'm just ventin' like I use to do like these

Rappers I will never mention how stupid are you to think I would

Give you my attention when you nothin' but a peasant and

I am a f**kin' legend can you feel that

Once we got our highschool they were teachin' sh*t

So we would just go do whatever get some money do whatever

We was always scared of kickin' it though

Kids would want to battle and sh*t you know what I mean

Like he said he wanted to rap so he would push into random


Battle at school you know what I mean

I just knew one of us would would

Make it in something you

Know what I mean and I just felt that


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