Sneakers and Jeans


22 Mar 2018


Sneakers and jeans

Love machine

Got me crazy like i've never been

Gotta have you by any means

And in between

Let me embrace you on my mind

You gotta shake that body line

You're an offer I can't decline but

Why why why why

Simple and sweet

Finally meet

Do you feel the butterfly

Do you pink inside

Do you dig this kinda shit

Like Kendrick or tame impala?

Frank sinatra? Shawty

You can call me papa

No drama, mi casa su casa

Girl, I can get you better

Take you to a better place

Baby you will be amaze

Take you to the outer space

Dayum girl

I kinda need my muse to

Amuse me, abuse me

Get used to me

Cuz when the time is right you'll see

That We are one in the same

Top of the game

Youth on a flame

Baby go mad dog on me

Im your whisperer woop

Guess it's time to go further

You gotta tell me something

Don't tell me you don't want it

Cuz i know you want it too

I know you want something new

Imma give you different view

You dont have to think it trough

Imma give you something new

Imma give you something true


why why why why

These days things been so rough

I just want a simple things,

I want you to be with me

Baby i want you, i always do

But you keep me waiting

I fuckin hate to wait

For you to make it right no

Why why why

Why why why

But you make it feel so right right right

Why why why

I cant deny,

I can't resist you

Why why why why


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