Eddie Cane

Machine Gun Kelly16 Okt 2015

Eddie Cane (Explicit) - Machine Gun Kelly (机关枪凯利)

City of Cleveland man it's wild man

You know a lot of dudes that get money and it's violence

You know what I'm saying

I'm part of that product I got 17 and half I've been down for two

Don't call me tase my name's paper chase you can call me that

Cause you know I'm known to do my thang in the city of Cleveland

Do a little homework on the hood

You know what I'm talkin' about


Eddie Cane Eddie Cane


Five Heart Beats left


My homie off of Eddie Road


He thinks he's a damn chef


Everybody schemed out


Don't nobody wanna work


I was with him last week


Now I got his name on my damn shirt R I P


Everybody pourin' liquor


My partner out he beat a case


Took a piss on the fed building


Told them motherf**kers free Chase


Them boys in the rear view


So now I'm going 25

If they catch my homie in the shot gun ridin' with a shot gun

They gon' give him twenty-five


I'm tryna be responsible


I know they heard I got a deal


They shot the dice game up for five dollars

What they f**k you think they doin' for a couple mill


I gotta keep my eyes open


But this w**d got me feelin' heavy


Just like the pistol in my pants

Hate to have it but these muf**kas petty

In my hood

All my muf**kas ready

I be rollin' presidential like Teddy

I might hit the strip club and break a f**kin' levy

In honor of every hustler that's locked up in a celly

F**k it I might buy the Q Arena for a week and sell it out

F**k it I might buy a kilo for the hood and fix the drought

F**k it I'ma hold the city on my back when y'all don't

Come to Cleveland I can get you what you want

In my hood

Rappers aren't doin' shows


Man half them muf**kas hoes true

If you got a problem call me


In the land I am big bro

Young man but I'm standin' at 6'4

And SixFo that's my man from the east coast

Midwest muthaf**kas known to hold d**e

85 state side ATL knows

In my hood

It's clucks at the bus stop


Our billboards got mugshots


Top ten most wanted

And streets where them houses look haunted bando


I told my youngin you can make it if you want it

He looked at me and asked if I saw it coming

I told him that all them summers I was in the basement

I knew I was gonna make it and you couldn't tell me nothing

In my hood


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