Come To My Party

Black Joe Lewis9 Des 2016

Come to My Party (参加我的聚会) (《办公室圣诞派对》电影插曲) - Black Joe Lewis

Come to my party


You bring your best friend


Cause everybody coming to my house tonight it's my party


You bring your girlfriend gotta bring some friends of her own


Gotta keep them reshy around


So all the homes have a good time at my party


Go spin some records man I got all the good jams


Go pull the furniture up out the living room tonight

Cause everybody rocking at my party alright alright


Come to my party


It'll be the jammer of the week and the town


And we don't talk about our cares and woes


The answers to life's on the dance floor


Party everybody party at my house


On Friday night's a party yeah now

Come girl tonight's the goodie party


Come light it up get that Walter


Come light it up got that good stuff


Come to my party


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