Eastern Avenue River Railway Blues (Album Version) 1997 Jerry Jeff Walker
TrekEastern Avenue River Railway Blues (Album Version)

Artis: Jerry Jeff Walker

Album: Lone Wolf:The Best Of Jerry Jeff Walker/Elektra Sessions

Waktu rilis: 23-12-1997

Shadows come creepin' down the alleys,

Lonesome lines the boulevard


Neon flickers to the rhythm of the night,


But this evenin', sleep is coming hard


Down the concrete hallways in this part of town


You can hear the young hearts drowning in thirst for life


The back streets full of mystery, people


Frozen in their dreams


Too little mercy, too little love,


Too much night, it's too much tonight



The eastern avenue runs level with the river


In between lies the freight yard of boxcar blues


Eastern avenue railway, come on, come on and deliver


This load of tears and this pair of walking shoes


Boy's got the eastern avenue river railway blues


Trapped between him and the city,


He packed a bag and took one south bound over the line


Trapped between him and the pity, he suffers for those unfaithful times


Well, eastbound river railway runs swift and hard


He swears tonight he's gonna take that ride

Jerk a cold steel freight train right down the boulevard

He ain't gonna stop 'til all the loneliness collides


'Cause it's too much tonight

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