Sex 1985 Kix

Artis: Kix

Album: Midnite Dynamite

Waktu rilis: 14-02-1985

Sex - Kix

I hear the strangest things echo through the walls


Moaning groaning eroneous zone bouncing like a ball


Crash bang boom bang bump-a-dee-bump - all night to meet the band

Oh no I feel the pain how much more can I stand


I pounded on the pipes


I call on the phone


There they go again


Bone to bone


Sex - Sex - Sex


Sex - Sex - Sex


Uh - Sex - Uh


Sex - Sex


I see them come I see them go

But somehow they look the same


Miniskirts and see-through shirts

A high heel crying shame


Check in and checkin' out

Well this ain't no sleaze hotel


Calling 'til the daylight comes

But check-out time is twelve


Dishes off the wall


The bed springs squeak


But the mating call


Makes a strong man weak


Sex - Sex - Sex

I want Apartment B

Sex - Sex - Sex

One floor on top of me

Uh - Sex - Uh

Oh baby up 'til now

Sex - Sex


My doors always open

My phones on the hook

My mailbox is waiting

My names in the book


Got ads in the paper

But nobody cares

Apartment A's lonely

The action's upstairs


Sex - Sex - Sex


Sex - Sex - Sex



Sex - Sex - Sex

I want some

Sex - Sex

You got him don't forget about me

Sex - Sex - Sex

Oh no


Sex - Sex

(see ya)

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