Cowboy (Album Version) 1998 Van Dyke Parks
TrekCowboy (Album Version)

Artis: Van Dyke Parks

Album: Moonlighting-Live At The Ash Grove

Waktu rilis: 10-02-1998

Paniolo cowboy in a field of sugar cane

Once there was a forest where they hid there in the rain


Cowboy Cowboy


Wanderin' Wahini under locks of raven hair


Beads of inspiration Hopin' he would not forget just where




Up above the canopy in the highest branches of a tree


He would take her longingly and say "One day you'll belong to me"


I forgot to mention it was nineteen forty-one

Zeros kept a-comin' like to blanket out the sun


Cowboy cowboy


So they lay suspended dreaming of some kind of god


With their limbs akimbo and extended to the mind of God




And the night without regret says it's time to let your hair down low


There they lay in silhouette he would say I'd stay yet have to go


King Kamehameha met with Captain uopn Cook the shore


Lookin' at all the cattle asked him "What the hell are these for?"

Cowboy cowboy


Gone now is the forest and the lovers of the trees


Now there is a chorus playing golf who say in Japanese



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