IF YOU LOVED ME 2002 Brownstone

Artis: Brownstone

Album: 爱无止尽2

Waktu rilis: 31-05-2002

If You Love Me - Brownstone

Ooh yeah, yoo hoo...

I don't wanna rain on this parade

But I'm starting to question the love that was made

I'm not looking for just an affair

I want a love that is based on truth not just dare

2-You will not hurt my pride

If right now you decide

That you are not ready to settle down

But if you want my heart

Then it's time that you start

To act like you're mine in the light and the dark

1-If you love me, say it

If you trust me, do it

If you want me, show it

If you need me, prove it

(repeat 1)

You see now actions speak louder than words

So don't just say things that I've already heard

Don't want your body without your soul

I don't want a love who will come here and go

(rpt 2, 1, 1...1)

Oh I, Oh I, I wanna touch you baby

And spread my love all around you, honey

And if you come, you gotta show, baby

True love to share...

Ooh yeah, my sweet baby...

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