american dream (electric lady sessions) 2019 LCD Soundsystem
Trekamerican dream (electric lady sessions)

Artis: LCD Soundsystem

Album: Electric Lady Sessions

Waktu rilis: 08-02-2019

american dream(electric lady sessions) - LCD Soundsystem

Lyrics by:James Murphy

Composed by:James Murphy

Produced by:James Murphy

Wake up with somebody near you

And at someone else's place

You took acid and looked in the mirror

Watched the beard crawl around on your face

Oh the revolution was here

That would set you free from those bourgeoisie

In the morning everything's clearer

When the sunlight exposes your age

But that's okay

That's okay

Grab your clothes and head to the doorway

If you dance out no one complains

Find the place where you can be boring

Where you won't need to explain

That you're sick in the head

And you wish you were dead

Or at least instead of sleeping here

You prefer your own bed come on

You just suck at self-preservation

Versus someone else's pain

So you feel drained

And insane

And insane

He was leather and you were screaming

Swinging chains against the stage

And you couldn't know he was leaving

But now more will go with age you know

So get up and stop your complaining

You know you're the only one who's been destroying all the fun

Look what happened when you were dreaming

And just punch yourself in the face

So you kiss and you clutch but you can't fight that feeling

That your one true love is just awaiting your big meeting

So you never even ask for names

You just look right through them as if you already came

It's a drug of the heart and you can't stop the shaking

'Cause the body wants what it's terrible at taking oh

And you can't remember the meaning

But there's no going back against this California feeling

Dream Sha-bang sha-bang

American dream Sha-bang sha-bang

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