Summertime Rolls 1988 Jane's Addiction
TrekSummertime Rolls

Artis: Jane's Addiction

Album: Nothing's Shocking

Waktu rilis: 23-08-1988

Summertime Rolls ( LP Version ) - Jane's Addiction

Fell into


A sea of grass


And disappeared among


The shady blades...


Children all


Ran over me

Screaming tag!


You are the one!


He trips her as

Her sandals fail

She says stop!


I'm a girl...


Whose fingernails are made

Of mother's pearl...


Yellow buttercup



Orange buttercat


Chasing after

The crazy bee

Mad about somebody...


Me and my girlfriend


Don't wear no shoes


Her nose is painted pepper



She loves me

I mean it's serious


As serious can be...


She sings a song and

I listen to what it says:


If you want a friend


Feed any animal...


There was so much space

I cut me a piece

With some fine wine

It brought peace to my mind

In the summertime...


And it rolled


Summer.... oh...


Oh.... the summertime rolls


Summer.... oh...


Oh.... the summertime rolls


Me and my girlfriend


we don't wear no clothes you know

her nose hardly is pepper sunlight


i love her

i mean it's so so serious


as serious can be

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