Little Black Girl (LP Version) 1998 Rebekah
TrekLittle Black Girl (LP Version)

Artis: Rebekah

Album: Remember To Breathe

Waktu rilis: 10-03-1998

Little Black Girl (LP Version) - Rebekah

Little black girl


This is a song for you

In case the world is busy

And forgets to sing to you

They've more important ships to sail

Like building malls and saving whales


So they don't see


That you're the real endangered species


Little black girl


Can't always believe what you see


It doesn't mean you're dumb

Just 'cause no one smart looks like you on TV

That foul mouthed lady on the news

In her houseshoes and curlers isn't you

Nor an indication of what you should aspire to

'cause it's a minor miracle just to make your graduation

When nowhere in your world is

there are hint of validation

This is not political, it's personal

My empathy runs deep

'cause you see, it happened to me


So little black girl


This is a song for you

May not be too much

But it's the least that I could do

'cause when I look into your eyes

I see myself and that is why

I give you this and pray it saves you

From feeling like I did


Little black girl


Little black girl



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