Let It Loose 1972 The Rolling Stones
TrekLet It Loose

Artis: The Rolling Stones

Album: Exile On Main Street

Waktu rilis: 12-05-1972

The Rolling Stones - Let It Loose

Who's that woman on your arm all dressed up to do you harm


And I'm hip to what she'll do, give her just about a month or two.


Bit off more than I can chew and I knew what it was leading to,


Some things, well, I can't refuse,


One of them, one of them the bedroom blues.


She delivers right on time, I can't resist a corny line,


But take the shine right off you shoes,


Carryin', carryin' the bedroom blues.




In the bar you're getting drunk, I ain't in love, I ain't in luck.


Hide the switch and shut the light, let it all come down tonight.


Maybe your friends think I'm just a stranger,


Some face you'll never see no more.


Let it all come down tonight.


Keep those tears hid out of sight, let it loose, let it all come down.


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