Moving On A Holiday (LP Version) 1999 Freedy Johnston
TrekMoving On A Holiday (LP Version)

Artis: Freedy Johnston

Album: Blue Days Black Nights

Waktu rilis: 20-07-1999

Moving On A Holiday - Freedy Johnston

Here comes the first good snow

Only to decorate a vacant yard


Moving out of here tonight

All that's left to do is sweep the floor


Old address book in my hand


How'd I lose my place again


The only thing not packed away


Moving on a holiday


Just another place left clean

Won't be dreaming here anymore


Empty shelves and lonely keys

Sounds so hollow when I shut the door


Driving slowly, quiet streets


Signals even red and green


Me and what's not thrown away


Moving on a holiday


I can almost hear my heart

But the motor's making

Such a peaceful sound


Up across the great divide

And you can't tell

When you start going down

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