Is It All Okay? (Album Version) 1997 The Muffs
TrekIs It All Okay? (Album Version)

Artis: The Muffs

Album: Happy Birthday To Me

Waktu rilis: 20-05-1997

Out of it and out of time

And out of everything

I can’t believe it’s true

And I can’t believe I can’t believe in you

ve gone Youaway’


And I am already looking for a way

And I know that I can’t

Waste another day


Is it all okay? Is it all okay?


Is it all okay? Is it all okay?


Give it all or go away

I gave it everything I had

I’m feeling free

And I’m happy now I’m really gonna be

I’m feeling great


Maybe all my memories will go away

And now maybe I can face

Another day


Is it all okay?


Do me right, boy, I never felt so bad


You think ’youre great, boy

now But it makes me sick to think

About the words you spoke

Through your old wicked face


Is it all okay?


Is it all okay or not?

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