I Got Plenty [Remastered version] 2001 Bonnie Raitt
TrekI Got Plenty [Remastered version]

Artis: Bonnie Raitt

Album: Streetlights

Waktu rilis: 16-10-2001

I Got Plenty (LP Version) - Bonnie Raitt

Did you get enough today


Did you give out any


Had a lots of things to do


Maybe just too many


Any now the world is you

Taken all the dreams you knew


Come to me, I got plenty


Did you feel alone today

with your one and only

I had a lot of things to say


People make you lonely

You wonder what you're living on

You left with all your reasons gone


Count on me, I got plenty


You can count on me, I got plenty

Count on me


Got an invitation now

To come and join the party

Come in your individual,

Not your everybody

And don't worry that you won't you will


You've got an empty cup to fill


Count on me

Count on me

Coz I got plenty


I got plenty


I got plenty

I got plenty

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