Ten Commandments Of Love 2004 Keith Sweat
TrekTen Commandments Of Love

Artis: Keith Sweat

Album: Keep It Comin'

Waktu rilis: 26-10-2004

Ten Commandments Of Love - Keith Sweat

Hey baby, in order to keep this relationship

Going long and strong, there's ten things

I promise I will always do


I call this my ten commandments to you


Here it is




One, promise not to hurt you, girl


No matter what is said


Said or done


You know, baby you have heard nothing

Till you heard two


Two, no matter what happens baby, baby, baby

Baby, baby, it'll always be just me and you


You know what, girl


Three is my favorite


Three, if you need somebody, baby


You can always call on me


You know those times

We start to fuss and fight, girl, that's four

Four babe, no matter how bad days get, girl


I would never, never, never, never

Never walk out that door


You know, girl the times you think

That you just can't take it anymore that's five

Five, I promise to always keep our love

Or love, burning deep, burning deep inside


Listen to the way

I sing six to you, baby


Six baby, wherever this road, baby


Will lead me I will ?


Uh, seven, oh yeah, seven

Ooh seven, we'll make it, make it

Make it, make it, make it good love, girl

I'm gonna make it feel

I'm gonna make it feel like you're in heaven


Na, baby I'm not finished yet, eight


Eight, whatever you need girl


You will never, never, never

Never have to wait


Yeah baby, let me take my time here's nine

Nine, when you need my loving, baby


I'm gonna give it to you time and time after time

After time, after time, after time


Now ten, you know what happens?

We start all over again


Now that the record's over, baby


I'm gonna start all over, all over again


That's right babe


I love you


It's over now, babe

One, I promise this to do

Two to keep on loving you

Three, girl you will see

Four how good our love can be

Five I'd keep it all to last

Six, I'll never tell you lies

Seven I will be your friend

Eight till my very end

Nine I will make it good

Ten like you know it should

Come on, baby

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