Lightning Strikes The Postman (Album Version) 1995 The Flaming Lips
TrekLightning Strikes The Postman (Album Version)

Artis: The Flaming Lips

Album: Clouds Taste Metallic

Waktu rilis: 19-09-1995

I got yer letter it had turned to sand

lighting strikes the postman in

His hand, i hope that you remember the things you had to say

it's just A supernatural delay...

i got yer package it was all a mess, lightning strikes

The postman in his chest

i hope that you remember the things you

Had to

Say, it's just a supernatural delay...

I sent you a postcard and i hope yer fine

But lightning strike the postman all the time

I couldn't really think of anything to say

It's just a supernatural delay,

And it's hard to read the writing through the flames...

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