Jimmy James 2004 Beastie Boys
TrekJimmy James

Artis: Beastie Boys

Album: Check Your Head

Waktu rilis: 27-04-2004

Jimmy James - Beastie Boys

Written by:Michael Louis Diamond/Edward Chaplin/Adam Nathaniel Yauch/Adam Horovitz/Mario Caldato Jr


People how you doin' there's a new day dawnin'

For the earth mother it's a brand new mornin'


For such a long while there's been such a longin'

But now the sun is shinin' let's roll back the awnin'


This is a type of kind of like a formal dedication


Givin' out a shout


For much inspiration


All I ever really want to do is get nice


Get loose and goof a little slice of life

Sendin' out love to all corners of the land


I jump up on the stage and take the mic in my hand

I'm not playin' the roll just being who I am

And if you try to dis me I couldn't give a damn


Bass from the back of my car feels soothin'


Eight bazookas is what I'm usin'


I'm mike d and it's been proven


I love it when I see the party people just movin'

Strapped on my ear goggles and what did I see


But the music brought the people into harmony

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