Virginia Rose (LP Version) 2000 Fernando Ortega
TrekVirginia Rose (LP Version)

Artis: Fernando Ortega

Album: Home

Waktu rilis: 29-02-2000

Virginia Rose - Fernando Ortega

She's a bird song high up in the hickories

She's a river running on to the silver sea

She's a starlight on a summer evening

A little rose, my Virginia, she's a rose


We went walking by the shady harpeth

The morning wind blew her hair across her face

She held my hand, I whispered her name

She's my rose, sweet Virginia, she's my rose


Yesterday I rode the late bus from Tupelo

And in the long night I thought of all the miles to go

I closed my eyes and dreamed of my good home

And my rose, I dreamed of my Virginia rose


She's a rose, my Virginia, she's a rose

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