100 Year Thing 1998 Chris Stills
Trek100 Year Thing

Artis: Chris Stills

Album: 100 Year Thing

Waktu rilis: 13-01-1998

100 Year Thing (LP Version) - Chris Stills

Break down a hundred year thing.

Who says we are whispering.

Blue boys against the gray.

Same cause for the same old pain.


Sheriff don't you attack.

Bad boy don't you look back.

Get lost in your own ways.

In time, you will find your wings.


Who are you now?

Who were you back then?


Maybe the line is worn thin.

What if we don't want to draw it again.

Never say you can't or won't.

Cross the border line of hundred year thing.


Silence make your secret call.

Call those who wish to fall.

Under your wicked spell.

If the truth dies then wisdom will kill us all.


Trust in who you are.

To see no borders again.

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