Artis: Quavo


Waktu rilis: 12-10-2018

BIGGEST ALLEY OOP (Explicit) - Quavo

Lyricis by:Tim Gomringer/Kevin Gomringer/30 Roc/CuBeatz/Quavo

Composed by:Tim Gomringer/Kevin Gomringer/30 Roc/CuBeatz/Quavo

Produced by:CuBeatz/30 Roc

Lil Yachty:

30 you a motherf**king fool n***a

I was 22 when I first dropped

Most influential dude when I first dropped

The bando named a new spot

Where them boys from They ain't from the Hot

Hotlanta dirty mango Fanta

Swept the game like I'm Huncho MC Hammer

Write my name 'cross the hall of fame banner

Hit the lights diamonds flash like a camera

First met her in some open toed sandals

Now her attitude like a candle

That bag make you wanna up your standards

Way too fat but she ain't got no manners

Lil' b***h hop on the stick uh

Grant your wish uh came for licks uh

We came to hit uh who that b***h uh

Poppin' s**t uh let it rip uh

I said this the biggest alley oop

I'm gon' air it out if I shoot

It's only one mic in the booth

Guess it's my night to tell the truth

Who got the biggest bag in the room

Who got the biggest bag in the room

Who got the biggest bag in the room

Who got the biggest bag in the room

I lead the way follow the wave

I'm not Beyoncé it's bigger than Jay

All in the studio cookin' up beats but I'm not 'Ye

Blessin' the whole industry but they not tryna pay

I wanted like ten mill that was like last year

They lookin' like Oh for real wait till this year

Make the bank clear grandma ain't here

F**k your fake tears Huncho made his

And I'm humble still

N***as been handlin' business and dough before the deal

You livin' a lie I only provide the real

N***as been drownin' they kidneys before they got rid of the seal

Thinkin' 'bout gettin' a big Bentley and callin' it Shaquille O'Neal

Thinkin' about wrappin' a Benz yellow Kill Bill

Thinkin' that you poppin' but it's Advil

Think your stage hoppin It's a standstill

Yeah I go by the name of Huncho

Quavo Huncho

The hitman woah

Huncho let's go skrt skrt skrt

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