The Ladder (Album Version) 1995 Paula Cole
TrekThe Ladder (Album Version)

Artis: Paula Cole

Album: Harbinger

Waktu rilis: 10-10-1995

Climbing, climbing, climbing, climbing...

Look, at how futile this is,

I’m so weak, so fragile, so torn.


Going round and round, going inside

To the circle, to the ladder, to the sky

I am climbing a ladder of urgency

Climbing a ladder of hope


Climbing a ladder of my emotions

Climbing a ladder of unraveling rope.


You see, what you want to see,


But I’m not, what you wanted, no I’m not.


I am only one thing, one thing I see,


One thing I feel.



I am only one thing, one thing I see, one thing I feel

I am the ladder.

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