Urgent (Single) 2002 Foreigner
TrekUrgent (Single)

Artis: Foreigner

Album: Complete Greatest Hits

Waktu rilis: 07-05-2002

Urgent (Single) - Foreigner

You're not shy,


you get around


You wanna fly,


don't want your feet on the ground

You stay up,


you won't come down


You wanna live,


you wanna move to the sound


Got fire in your veins


Burnin' hot but you don't feel the pain


Your desire is insane


You can't stop


until you do it again


But sometimes

I wonder as I look in your eyes


Maybe you're thinking of some other guy

But I know, yes I know,

how to treat you right


That's why you call me

in the middle of the night

You say it's urgent


So urgent, so oh oh urgent


Just wait and see


How urgent my love can be

It's urgent


You play tricks on my mind


You're everywhere


but you're so hard to find

You're not warm or sentimental


You're so extreme,


you can be so temperamental


But I'm not looking for a love

that will last

I know what I need and I need it fast

Yeah, there's one thing in common

that we both share

That's a need for

for each other anytime, anywhere


It gets so urgent


So urgent


You know it's urgent


I wanna tell you

it's the same for me


So oh oh urgent


Just you wait and see


How urgent our love can be

It's urgent


You say it's urgent


Make it fast, make it urgent


Do it quick, do it urgent


Gotta rush, make it urgent


Want it quick

Urgent, urgent, emergency


Urgent, urgent, emergency


Urgent, urgent, emergency


Urgent, urgent, emergency


So urgent, emergency


Emer... emer... emer...


It's urgent


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