Blue No More 2018 Buddy Guy; James Bay
TrekBlue No More

Artis: Buddy Guy; James Bay

Album: Blue No More

Waktu rilis: 15-06-2018

Blue No More - Buddy Guy/James Bay

Lyricist:Tom Hambridge/Jamey Johnson

Composer:Tom Hambridge/Jamey Johnson

When I rich

Heaven is gay

And they see the joy

On my face

They might not know me

Cause I won't be blue no more

Now do my songs

My song the same

With a little headache

And a little pain

It will be taken from me

And I won't be blue no more

No oh no no

A lot tone was blues

This deepen my soul

This my whole life

Is everything I know

It's been my home

And I bring it everywhere I go

Every everywhere I go ooh

I can't live without it

Moan these days

Wonder these days

The roll just gonna in

This roll just gonna in

He'll call my name

He'll call my name

Of ya then been

I believe

I believe is

I won't be

Now I won't be

Blue no more

Yeah I believe

Then I won't be

I won't be


I won't be blue no more

No more

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