Live In Peace 1983 Paul Rodgers
TrekLive In Peace

Artis: Paul Rodgers

Album: Cut Loose

Waktu rilis: 01-01-1983

Live In Peace (LP Version) - Paul Rodgers

Early in the Morning,


Just as the sun was rising.


Came without a warning,


The sound of the uprising.


Gunfire in the streets,


Women and children crying.


The crush of marching feet,


Men and young boys dying,


Why can't we live, in peace?


We live in troubled times,


The shadow of annihilation,


Troubles every mind,


And chills the heart of every nation.


Darkness fills the night,


She tries to steal your soul away.


Killing in the sunlight,


She spreads her shadows through the day.


Why can't we live in Peace?


Why can't we have no release?


You and I we don't know

why so many people cry.


You and I we don't understand

all the black ways of man.


Why can't we live in peace?


Why can't we have no release?


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