Raven In The Snow (Album Version) 1995 Bill Miller
TrekRaven In The Snow (Album Version)

Artis: Bill Miller

Album: Raven In The Snow

Waktu rilis: 26-09-1995

With the wings of sorrow, I have taken flight

Cloaked in the darkness like a thief in the night

I have watched the farmer planting in his field

And known that what he sows, is there for to me steal

I take what I need, never more, never more

In the art of survival, there’s no rich there’s no poor

Time passes by, kingdoms come and go

I’ve seen it all, I’m a raven in the snow

I have watched the seekers searching for their gold

The rape of the land, generations unfold

Nations of the world, rise their and their fall

I’ve watched it all, I’m a raven in the snow

I have heard the crying, wailing in the wind

Empty words and promises, broken time and time again

Song of the sparrow, call of the crow

Echo in the mountain and the valley’s below

The scarecrow and the hunter, can’t keep me away

The winter winds a blowin’ couldn’t lead me astray

You can separate the flock still my colors would show

I will stand out, like a raven in the snow

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