Eagle Song (LP Version) 2004 The Imperials
TrekEagle Song (LP Version)

Artis: The Imperials

Album: Legacy

Waktu rilis: 07-12-2004

Eagle Song (LP版) - The Imperials (厚绒布)

I stood and watched an eagle fly


Spread his wings and soared across the sky


So gracefully he flew, rising effortlessly


I wanted to know just how to be free


Tiny fingers curled around mine


Perfectly formed newborn


The image of two, infinite mystery


I wanted to know where life comes from


What human intellect can't sway


Must be explained away, earth, wisdom, religions of men


Search without end to find the spirit housed within


Simplicity of God somehow escapes man


I reached for the Eternal One


Creation, He was waiting to reveal His purpose in me


He said, "This is where life begins


I made your spirit to glide on the wind"


Come, let's fly on the wind


Come on, let's fly on the wind


On the wind


On the wind


On the wind


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