Mr. Jones 1992 Talking Heads
TrekMr. Jones

Artis: Talking Heads

Album: Sand In The Vaseline

Waktu rilis: 12-10-1992


Mr Jones

Put a wiggle in your stride

Loosen up

I believe he'll be alright

Changing clothes

Now he's got ventilated slacks

Bouncing off the walls

Mr Jones is back

Bulge out

And wind your waist

Tight pants

Got curly hair

Drinking cold beer

From metal cans


And Handi Wipes

Mr Jones is back in town

it's his lucky day


Hold up your hands and shout

Jones is on his way


Pitter pat

Mr Jones is back in town

Aces high

Now his pants are falling down

He looks so fine

In those patent leather shoes

Mr Jones you look tired

I believe you'll be alright

Sales men


Some rock stars

With tambourines

Short skirts

And skinny legs

Selling bibles

And real estate

It's a big day for Mr Jones

He is not so square

Mr Jones will stick around


He's everybody's friend


Fast cars

And motorbikes


I'm sure glad

He's on our side

The Jones Gang


Down at the bar

Watch out this time

They've gone too far

They call for Mr Jones

They put him in charge


Mr Jones will help us out

He's a lucky guy

It is Mr Jones' Birthday party

For another year


In his hotel room Party favors

It's a holiday

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