Free Me 2014 Otis Redding
TrekFree Me

Artis: Otis Redding

Album: Love Man

Waktu rilis: 10-07-2014

Turn me loose

There ain't no use


Free me darling

Don't hang me up

Let me go from your love now


Just like a prisoner


You got me chained and bound


Unlock 'em, let me go, let me go

Get 'em from around


Turn me loose


There ain't no use


Free me baby, let me go,

Turn me loose from your love now


You know I did love you, yeah


Do anything in the world for you


I try my best, I try my very best, yeah, please


The way you're treating me


Keep me in misery


I'm so weak, I'm so weak, I'm so weak

To walk away


It's up to you


To say we're through


Oh free me baby, let me go

Turn me loose baby

From your love

I've got to tell you, listen this

I know sometime


I wonder do you really love me


And if you don't, if you don't


You got to let me know


Let me go


Your love is not shown


Break these chains

Make them tearing apart

Let me love again


Turn me loose


There ain't no use


Let me go, darling

If you don't want me

Free me, let me go

Unchain me

From your love

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