Danger Heartbreak Ahead (Remastered Version) 2001 Bonnie Raitt
TrekDanger Heartbreak Ahead (Remastered Version)

Artis: Bonnie Raitt

Album: Bonnie Raitt (Remastered Version)

Waktu rilis: 16-10-2001

Danger Heartbreak Ahead (LP Version) - Bonnie Raitt

When you give more than you get

You're in danger


You may find that you're in love

With a stranger


But who knows what evil

Lurks within the hearts of men?


It's vanity, insanity


You play what you can't win

If you find that you're losing

Girl, it's time to get on moving

'Cause there's danger

Heartbreak dead ahead


Well, it only takes one second, girl, to learn

That playing with fire will get you burned


So girl, don't you be foolish


They say that love is blind

But it's clear as the highway sign

That reads 'Danger, heartbreak dead ahead'


Heartbreak dead ahead

Better mind, girl, read the sign, girl


Yeah, danger and heartbreak dead ahead


I want somebody's boy

(Heartbreak dead ahead)

Start packing up your heart

Now listen to me, girl


There's nothing to be gained

So don't keep going on in vain

There's danger and heartbreak dead ahead


Yeah, I said,

"There's danger and heartbreak dead ahead"


Danger, I said, "There's danger"


I said,

"There's danger and heartbreak dead ahead"

Baby, yeah, I said, "There's danger"

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