Forever Young (Album Version) 1988 Rod Stewart
TrekForever Young (Album Version)

Artis: Rod Stewart

Album: Out Of Order

Waktu rilis: 17-05-1988

May the good Lord be with you '

down every road you roam .


And may sunshine and happiness


surround you when you're far from home .


And may you grow to be proud '


dignified and true .


And do unto others'


as you'd have done to you .


Be courageous and be brave .


And in my heart you'll always stay .

Forever Young' Forever Young .


May good fortune be with you.


May your guiding light be strong .


Build a stairway to heaven


with a prince or a vagabond .


And may you never love in vain


and in my heart you always remain.


Forever Young' Forever Young '


Forever Young '


Forever Young .......


And when you finally fly away'


I'll be hoping that I served you well .


For all the wisdom of a lifetime'


no one can ever tell .


But whatever road you choose .


I'm right behind you' win or lose .


Forever Young' Forever Young '


Forever Young' Forever Young '


Forever Young'


For' Forever Young' Forever Young.


forever young

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