Porcupine 2004 Echo & The Bunnymen

Artis: Echo & The Bunnymen

Album: Porcupine

Waktu rilis: 07-12-2004

Porcupine - Echo & the bunnymen

There is no comparison


Between things about to have been


Missing the point of our mission


Will we become misshapen


A change of heart


Will force the nail

Nailed to the door


To all avail


There are no divisions


Between things about to collide


Hitting the floor with our vision


A focus at some point arrives


A change of mind


Will force the nail


To hit the head

And set the sail


A change of skin


Will shed the tail


Hung on the wall


For use again


A change of heart


Will force the nail...


(there is no comparison


Between things about to have been)


Smash the pig


This pork is mine

Im pining for the pork

Of the porcupine


Id best be on my best behaviour

Best behave yourself you hear


There are silent ways of wishing now


Wish I had whats turning round


Round the corridor

There are people there


Through the peephole I can see me down


Very nice


Some pressure feelings


You know how you hope


For something to hope for



What is that paper there

Paper is a collander

Collanders picking holes in me


Hes the holy water there


Waters paper like an impure


A strange moment as your

Paper is a collander


Collander is picking holes in me


Suck the pig this pork is mine

pining for the pork of the porcupine


...find out


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